About Us

The global Eq8tor the market platform is part of the Ecom Global Network. We focus on sales of returned goods and out of season stock or product destined for recycling.  We manage the entire Returns process; we refurbish items and resell them on eq8tor using our integrated program making easy and efficient to optimize the returns or old stock value without the cost of returning items to the origin.  We restock locally and resell using discount methods without jeopardize the integrity of the value of our clients branded items. 

Our mission is Eco-friendly and reducing the carbon footprint and we are focused on e-commerce and solving the problems associated with online selling across international borders.


Over the years we have come to recognize the importance of local knowledge to breaking into new markets. Simple things such as finding the best courier companies, translating packaging or knowing how to negotiate the Customs rules, can make or break a venture into a new country. With the modern e-commerce marketmore and more small businesses are facing these challenges. Eq8tor exists to help a business’s make the most of the global e-commerce market by sharing knowledge and contacts and by lowering costs.


At the heart of the Eq8tor membership program is the Eq8tor app. This gives our clients and their customers instant access to the best rates and allows them to track parcels to their final destination. Having access to cheap international shipping, simplified customs procedures and local contacts massively reduced the risk and the overhead of selling internationally and gives Eq8tor members a distinct competitive advantage.

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